Sky pof roof lantern installations, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Sky Pod Roof Lanterns

Elevate Your Space with Sky Pod Roof Lanterns in Rotherham. 

Featuring remarkable U-values as low as 1.0, Sky Pod roof lanterns from JDB Glazing are a true showstopper. The grandest of these measures an expansive 2.75m x 8.7m, making a bold statement in any space. Choose from two-bar or three-bar pitched gable designs, each accompanied by a minimum 10-year guarantee and an extensive array of glass and frame options.

Versatile Design Options: Sky Pod is available in a broad range of sizes and styles, allowing you to tailor a lantern roof that complements the distinctive character of your home. Suited for various projects including flat-roofed extensions, orangeries, new builds, kitchen-diners, and garage conversions, Sky Pod offers versatility and elegance. Opt for a larger size to create an impressive feature on your flat roof, maximizing the infusion of natural light into your living spaces.

Experience the brilliance of Sky Pod roof lanterns, where style meets efficiency. Illuminate your home with natural light and enjoy a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with your architectural vision.